Newsletter 18 - Poetry in Motion

Hi friends, Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror author Paul James Keyes here with another newsletter!

Last time I talked about the danger of deepfakes and the post-truth world we now live in. [LINK TO NEWSLETTER 17 - THE POST-TRUTH ERA].  Today, I wanted to share a couple of poems I wrote, because they’re good and you’ll like them. :)


Quickly dipping, turning, flipping,
scarcely skirting land and sky,
the kite gnaws at its string, relentlessly
chaffing fears both low and high.

Down the line and to the left,
just past the piers ungainly mass,
the crashing waves of liquid jade
churn froth a chill of winter glass.

A little boy of nine or ten
is combing sand for rocks and shells.
He saves a few and casts the rest
into the oceans midnight swells.

They call his name and search ’til dawn
through wave-swept coves and idle cracks
Until the tide comes rolling in,
forever blotting out his tracks.

Poem 2:

Falcon stirring in the deep,
Lift me up from whence I sleep.
Soaring high to distant lands,
Within the clasp of talloned hands.
It matters not what’s left behind,
Nor where I go, nor what I find.
Through love and strife I dance and weep,
And live the life I wish to keep.


Both of these poems are featured in my books within The Arcadian Complex series, a dark epic fantasy with a sci-fi heart. I call the genre Fantasy-Science, since it blends together in a way that won’t leave fans of either fantasy or science fiction disappointed. If you’ve been reading any of my newsletters so far, you know the kinds of things that interest me. If you like the way I think, you’ll probably like my novels as well. The Arcadian Complex series is free with Kindle Unlimited—I appreciate every reader I can find!

Until next time, stay safe out there!

Amazon Author Page:
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