Book Reading Event August 15th 2017

Get into the mind of science-fiction/fantasy writer Paul James Keyes. Learn what it takes to go from concept to completion of a five-hundred page epic fantasy novel. Questions about world building and any other step in the process are greatly welcome. Third Place Books' Lake Forest Park location has been kind enough to host this reading/signing/Q&A, so please, stay awhile and listen!

Book Reading Event June 17th 2017

Here's another chance to hear me read and get a signed copy of Wrought by Fire!

Book Reading Event May 13th 2017

Come one, come all, to a book reading not for the faint of heart! 
(Unless I have to choose a different chapter because there are too many children are present and it would be awkward to read a graphic passage in such a setting...)


Wrought by Fire
Ashen Sky
Howls on the Wind
Into the Beyond - Part 1: Fated
Into the Beyond - Part 2: Far From Human
Into the Beyond - Part 3: Fires of Heaven

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